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What is Keto?
"Keto" is a shortened version of the word Ketosis. This is a state in the body that indicates a shift from carbohydrate/sugar metabolism, called Glycolysis, into fat metabolism, called Ketosis.  When ketosis is achieved through low-carbohydrate diet, strenuous exercise and/or fasting (which are all controllable and may be combined) there is a response by the cells. This cellular transition is initiated due to a three major factors:
When these three factors are established the trigger is pulled for the fats stores (called adipose tissue) to release the fat cells, which are released as free fatty acids and glycerol (a different blood sugar molecule).  Not only can most cells use these two components as their energy source, it's cleaner and more efficient for the entire body.
8-Week Weight Management & lifestyle Course
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Meal replacement and nutritional supplements are optional.
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  • Initial Consultation, Evaluation and Questionaire
  • Individual Follow-up Consult every 2 weeks
  • Group Support Meeting every week
  • Facebook Group Support
  • Additional support available as needed through email, phone, text and personal consultation.
  • Weekly Success Log with Body Composition Monitoring
  • Daily Intake Forms to track your progess
  • Meal Planning made simple
  • Extensive Truth in Nutrition and Supplements/Consultation available.
• Consultation • Weekly Reporting • Recipes • Support Group • Workshops-Education • Coaching
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About Dr. Shane
This journey for Dr. Shane began as a youngster having a Mother who began teaching him the benefits of herbs and natural healing.  With that foundation it became very apparent when choosing a career that holistic healing was the right path.  During chiropractic school, Dr. Shane became the student representative for one of the major nutritional supplement companies.  Meeting fellow professionals who were using nutrition and holistic methods gave even more understanding in the power of the body to heal itself.  The expertise in weight management began in 2007.  Dr. Harada has assisted well over 1000 individuals personally and thousands of others through distribution of products he formulated and developed.  This Totally Keto program is an extension and combined result from these experiences.
The Foundation
             for Totally Keto
1. "Fat Burning Mode" is THE KEY.
This is opposed to "Fat Storage Mode". In most cases, "Fat Storage Mode" is carbohydrate and sugar (lifestyle) related. Let's change it, together.  

2. Normalize the BLOOD SUGAR levels naturally with lifestyle and true nutrition.
Blood sugar levels are also related to the carbohydrates and sugars. Changing your eating habits appropriately through the Totally Keto lifestyle puts the probability for long-term success in your favor. Prepare and make this shift for your lifetime, not just for a few weeks.  

3. Heal your BRAIN!
Did you know that the original "ketogenic" program wasn't developed for weight loss? It was actually designed to support brain healing and improving brain function. Your body requires a high level of healthy cholesterol through food. Debunk the myths!  

Just watch the pounds and inches melt away at the appropriate places. Most people are astounded that when metabolism is corrected the inches change just as much as the pounds.

5. This is NOT A "DIET", it's a LIFESTYLE!
It's actually a nutrition and food / eating program; a true, healthy lifestyle. Get out of the "diet" mentality and get ready to enjoy this change for the rest of your life. Every person you know should be living and eating by the guidelines taught in Totally Keto. Is it any wonder why this sets the stage for both short and long-term success?  

Do you want to change cravings and the way you interact with food? When you give every tissue, organ and cell what it needs in complete nutrition there is no need to activate cravings. This is not a “band-aid” or a patch.  

7. EDUCATE yourself in TRUTH!
It is VITAL in your healing process. "When you change the ways you look at things (foods), the things (foods) you look at change". Dr. Wayne Dyer
Keto Origin  Many people in their journey to health, weight loss, and/or better lifestyle have boarded the wrong plane.  The principles, products, and promises take them to a different location than where they intended.  Much of this has happened and continues to happen today.  This is where you will find Totally Keto to be different than most others.  It is founded in truth that has been researched and established over the last 2000+ years.  

Did you know that the "keto" lifestyle has been researched with evidence found back to 500 B.C. ?  More recently, it was further developed in the early 1900's with the "first modern scientific study" documented in France during 1911(ii)?  Would you be surprised if you were told this protocol was designed to heal the brain as a therapy for epilepsy?  It was during the 1920's to 30's when it reached true popularity and recognition within the majority of society.

 Since those times, the ketogenic diet and lifestyle has been scrutinized and studied extensively.  The following chart was published in the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Aug. 2013 (very recently).  As you can see, there is strong and emerging evidence in health benefits that involve many systems, organs and tissues throughout the body.  These are the results you can expect from Totally Keto!
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